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Project adaptation

Should you in general like a project but want to modify a specific aspect like add more rooms, change dimensions, etc., we've added a "Request feedback" button to every project for your convenience. Please contact us to discuss possible solutions together.
Can't pick a project?

In addition to our selection of ready-made designs, we have an ever-growing collection of home designs developed by individual assignment. You can explore them under "Family Homes".
Buying property or redevelopment?

Our architectural studio offers free consultations in our office in connection to the possible construction on a plot, necessity of reconstruction, extensions or upgrades of an existing building, as well as questions related to the entirety of the construction process. It is necessary to write down the firm's phone numbers beforehand.


  1. Relatively low price for the designs. You may save up to 50% from the regular architectural fees;
  2. Fast delivery of a quality product. You will receive the blueprints much sooner than the 1-2 months required for developing a custom design;
  3. Predictable results. You can immediately see the floor plans, the Gross Floor Area, and the 3D visualization of the house.

What else to bear in mind?

Since no two plots of land are the same in terms of view, position, geometry and terrain, relying on a ready-made floor plan compromises the suitability of the design to the plot characteristics. We will be trying to fit a ready-made house to a specific terrain. If you are not willing to accept this compromise you may want to consider our customization service. Alternatively, you can always opt for a completely new custom design. If you want to modify details on a ready-made plan, you may sketch the changes using the current plan as a basis, and e-mail your changes to us. Soon thereafter we will contact you to inform you how these changes will affect the deadline and the price of the design. The price impact depends on the type and magnitude of the change - if the area of the house is changed, if there's a structural impact, if water and sewage or electrical need redesign, etc. If the plan would have to be completely redesigned, the fees associated will be like those for a new custom design. The relocation of the house on the plot, its rotation and repositioning relative to the cardinal directions (not including design mirroring) don't count as significant changes and do not impact the price of the chosen design.

Choosing a design

Before choose a ready-made design you should know the minimum requirements of your plot to make sure the design can be applied. For your convenience we have provided some of the technical parameters for the single-family houses, such as ground floor area, gross floor area, height of the house, etc. These parameters must correspond to the ones you receive along with the building permit documents. You should also check whether the plot is large enough to accommodate the specific single-family house, observing the requirements for clearance from the control lines. For this purpose we have specified the dimensions of the house and the presumed minimum plot size required to fit the house.

We offer free consultations to help you make sure that your chosen ready-made house will fit inside your plot. Email or fax us a sketch of the plot with dimensions. We will get back to you within one business day to let you know whether your chosen ready-made plan can fit your plot. If the selected project can not be situated in the property you can take advantage of our customization services to help it fit.

Ready-made projects of houses are designed for areas with a predominantly flat character with a maximum denivelation of up to one meter within the building limits. A steeper terrain will require revision of the foundations of the project.

For your convenience the houses are organized according to their Gross Floor Area and project price.

Necessary documents

  1. Documents for ownership of the plot;
  2. Sketch of the plot with a visa (design permit) or an excerpt from a detailed development plan, which is issued by the chief architect of the municipality and is valid for a period of 6 months. If necessary we can prepare a proposal explaining the motivations and reasons for your request, which may help you get the visa (design permit);
  3. Initial data from the electric and water supply and sewer companies:
    1. The local power supply company approves the visa (design permit) in order to connect the house to the electricity grid. To do so, the power supply company needs to know the required power supply for the house. For our ready-made house designs, you should request up to 15 KW.;
    2. The local water and sewer company approves the visa (design permit) in order to connect the house to the water supply and sewage system;

* In order to receive from us the finished designs we need the documents from 2. and 3. . The ownership papers are needed by the municipality in order to give you the sketch of the plot and eventually the building permit.

Necessary initial data

  1. Geodesic survey of the terrain. This is necessary for the correct placement of the house on the plot and for attaching the building to the ground;
  2. Geological and hydrological surveys of the terrain. These are not required by some municipalities, but are recommended to help refine the project for the "Structures" section;

* The initial data is individual for each plot. It is prepared by licensed specialists. The initial data is required for the provision of correct design and project documentation. If you cannot provide this data, you can request that we prepare it for you under an additional agreement.

Project content

All ready-made house projects from our site are developed to the 'developed design' stage. The project price includes the following sections:

  1. Architecture;
  2. Structures;
  3. Technical control of building structures;
  4. Water supply and sewage;
  5. Electrical;
  6. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning;
  7. Energy efficiency;
  8. Health and safety;
  9. Fire safety.

*All parts of the project are prepared by licensed designers possessing full design capacity, members of CAB (Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria) and CEID (Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design).

What is not included in the design

  1. Architectural supervision;
  2. Structural supervision;
  3. External connections* under project section "Electrical";
  4. External connections* under project section "Water Supply and Sewerage";
  5. Landscaping project;
  6. Geological and hydrological survey of the terrain;
  7. Geodesic survey of the terrain and vertical planning;
  8. Report assessing the conformity of the "Energy Efficiency" section;
  9. Project for the management of construction waste: mandatory for houses more than 300 square meters.

*("external connections" are all electrical and plumbing installations outside your property which may require a separate project.)

Purchase of a ready-made design

Ready-made house design can be purchased from the office of Architectural Studio "ISP Digital Design" LTD in Sofia, or from the office of architectural studio "PP - IRIS 2001" LTD in Burgas. The addresses of the offices are provided in the Contacts section of this site. You must submit the necessary documents and the required initial data, unless some of these are to be prepared by us. You pay 50% of the price of the ready-made design in advance when you sign the contract. The remaining 50% are due after receiving the desired designs according to the contract. The projects can be obtained from these offices, by mail, or by courier (after the final payment is made).

Price of the designs

The indicated prices include three copies of all sections that are listed in the table of project content, signed and stamped by the relevant designer. Prices are before VAT.

Additional services

You can request a design change if for some reason the desired ready-made house design cannot be applied to your plot. Because of the individual nature of each change, its pricing will be subject to further negotiations. You can change anything - the area, the layout, the exterior appearance, the structure, the installation systems, etc. The complexity of the changes will determine the new price. You can explore the full range of services that our company provides.

The information that is included in the designs is intellectual property of the designers and is protected under the Copyright Law. The publication, replication, assignment and resale of this information without the written agreement of the designers is punishable under the Copyright Law. All rights reserved.