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Custom-designed projects of single-family houses

One of the main activities of the Architectural Studio "ISP Digital Design" LTD is preparing projects for single-family residential buildings. The house is something familiar and perhaps it is the most-individual building type, because it reflects the essence of its residents. Very often, houses are overlooked by architectural studios because of their modest size. Our studio has adopted a different approach to house design. In houses we see an opportunity for self-expression and creativity. The design of each new house provides us with a unique challenge as architects because of their style and functional diversity. Unlike apartments, which are limited by the dimensions of the building and which can easily be categorized as one-room, two-room, three-room, etc., family houses offer greater variety.


In designing each house, the architect takes into account a large amount of information to work out the optimum design for a particular client. This includes:

  1. terrain features - the size, shape and slope of the plot
  2. positioning the house with respect to the cardinal directions
  3. preferred views, approaches to the house, and consideration of wind direction (where there are constant winds)
  4. altitude (especially in the mountains, where the snow is a significant factor)
  5. the needs, requirements, preferences and abilities of the house residents
  6. the presence or absence of communications and other infrastructure around the plot
  7. consideration of other significant features

Taking into consideration all these factors we come to the conclusion that it is impossible for a house to stand equally well on each plot. Our work in architectural studio "ISP Digital Design" Ltd. is to uncover the unique factors in each project and to create an individual house that meets all of the above requirements.


What is fundamental for us as designers is to understand your needs so that the house fits you precisely. We prepare detailed design specifications in a conversation with the client, and this becomes the foundation for the development of the new single-family house. Our work begins after the provision of all necessary input data and documents (whenever they are not to be drawn up by the architectural studio). A house design takes between one and two months to develop. Within the second week the architectural studio prepares conceptual schemes which are to be approved or changed by the client. This is the stage at which corrections or an amended assignment can most easily be applied.


The full range of projects which are required by the permit-issuing authorities are laid out in the "Services" section on this site. Architectural Studio "ISP Digital Design" works with experienced specialists in all areas in order to deliver a complete project to the client. This is the basis on which a building permit will be issued.


Architectural Studio "ISP Digital Design" prepares projects which detail, specify and complement the main project documentation. Although these are not required for approval of the project by the municipality, they are in general indispensable during the construction phase. A detailed specification will save a considerable amount of money during construction and will prevent wasting materials. These additional projects are listed in the "Services" section of the site.


In determining the amount due, the fee for the following sections (architecture, engineering, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Energy Efficiency, and Health and Safety) is calculated according to the size of the house in square meter. The fee rate for an individual project of a family house varies from 10 to 13 euros per square meter of designed space. Other design parts ("Geodetic", Geological and hydrological studies, "landscaping and development", and "Fire Safety") which are related to the plot are priced at a fixed fee. Together these form the price of the design.

In the following paragraphs we have presented some of the most popular types of houses, each with its own peculiarities. If you like them we will be happy to design a similar house for you.


In most cases, this house uses stone, timber and plaster, also called adobe. The masonry is mainly on the first floor and the timber paneling and plaster to make the second floor. Nowadays, to achieve the style of traditional Bulgarian house, architects use stone and timber. Diversity is achieved by using different types of stone, masonry and painting he timber lining in different colors.


This house combines and intertwines volumes, creating an imaginative and interesting appearance. Cubic volumes, large windows, a stylish facade, and cladding of composite panels and processed stone are the characteristics of the modernist house. It is characterized by elegance, plenty of light and airy spaces. Functionality and appearance are the two elements that are essential here. Decorative details are minimized and they are not involved in the aesthetics of the facade.


The design of this house must skillfully combine the townscape with the traditional functionality of the house.


The negative impact on nature is brought to a minimum. Local materials are used for its construction and the inhabitants of a green house save natural resources. This house is built with maximum concern for the environment; completely natural materials are used which excludes the presence of any cancerogenic substances, which are often present in almost any modern buildings. Natural light use is maximized to reduce electricity consumption.


Conservation of the environment is of primary importance when designing an energy-efficient house. This is achieved by decreasing the resources used for its construction as well as the expenses for its maintenance. An aim in this house's design is to provide independence from conventional water and electric supply companies. The decrease of heat loss is due to increased insulation. The rooms are lit and ventilated by natural means which increases the comfort of living.


As the name itself shows these houses feature minimal dimensions and are designed for small plots or for owners who do not wish to invest in a big and lavish house. In most cases these are villas or houses for recreation. These houses are one storey high so that no area is lost to a staircase, which also reduces the construction cost.