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Design services offered by our studio

The construction cycle of a building begins with an idea or concept and ends with its construction completion. The architect, functioning as a consultant and designer plays a key role in this process and is the "right hand" in the investor's desire to finalize their own successful venture. The architect's activities, though not always clearly delineated are consulting, conducting feasibility studies, investment planning and process supervision. Architectural Studio "ISP Digital Design" LTD with its experience and professionalism partners with the client in every step of the process.

Free Architectural Consultations and Consultation Services

Generally speaking, the client turns to an architectural studio when they already have an initial idea of ​​what it is they want to build on their plot. The job of the architect at this stage is to take this idea and shape it into a clear concept or more precisely into an architectural assignment. This task takes into consideration all the wishes and requirements of the client. A so-called "maximum" plan is prepared, which can not always be achieved because of the peculiarities of the plot, but can be considered the starting point or the goal of the project. At this stage the main directions of action are plotted - from where and which output data must be obtained, basic requirements of the building are discussed, and an approximate budget for the entire project is determined.

The consultation is not always related to the design of a new building. Our architectural studio can assist you with remodeling, functional changes, extensions, upgrades, reconstructions of existing buildings, as well as with:

  1. selecting an appropriate structural system;
  2. choosing construction materials;
  3. selecting a suitable insulation system (waterproofing system and insulation package) and others.

In the output stage of the project undertaking, even when the property has not been purchased, we can advise you on the pros and cons of a plot depending on the parameters of the development, cardinal direction facing, topography and utility access.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are special surveys which are carried out before the commencement of a project, aiming to identify and document the extent to which its implementation is justified. They represent a comprehensive initial assessment of all current and potential internal and external factors that may affect the project and the investor's interests. After a clarification of the idea, the economic profitability is established.

  1. studies to determine the appropriate location of the house on the site and the conditions for development according to the provisions of the development plans. The development parameters are defined: maximum building height, maximum development density, minimum landscaping area, maximum gross area, restriction lines, etc.;
  2. analysis of the infrastructure on and around the site, namely: if there already is plumbing and electrical infrastructure, or if it is yet to be designed;
  3. engineering studies including geological, geotechnical, hydrogeological, hydrological, geodetic, etc. .;
  4. technological studies for selection of bids offering optimal technology - for projects that benefit from such technological solutions.

If necessary detailed development plans are prepared in case of change of use, regulation, and/or construction of a property.

Investment Projects

This stage involves the actual preparation of the investment project. It starts with the obtaining of a visa (design permit) and ends with the issuance of a building permit by the relevant authority (in general, the municipality). The design can be single-phase (a technical design) or biphasic (both conceptual and technical design), depending on the customer requirements and the specifics of the project. Starting a design requires the following inputs:

Initial data and documents:

  1. Documents for ownership of the plot;
  2. Sketch of the plot with a visa (design permit) or an excerpt from a detailed development plan, which details the development requirements of the plot (issued by the municipal administration after completion of an application form and presentation of proof of ownership);
  3. Data from the electric, and water supply and sewage companies (issued by the companies after completing an application form, proof of ownership, and a visa (design permit);
  4. A geodetic survey of the plot;
  5. Geological and hydrological studies of the plot;
Project Sections:
  1. Architecture;
  2. Construction + compliance assessment (technical control);
  3. Water and Sewer;
  4. Electricity;
  5. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning;
  6. Energy Efficiency + compliance assessment;
  7. Geodesy;
  8. Health and Safety;
  9. Landscaping and development;
  10. Fire Safety;
  11. Construction waste management;
  12. Technological - should it be necessary;
  13. Specifications and cost estimates for all sections.
The completion of preliminary contracts with the companies - water and sewer, energy, and others. This is performed by the investor.

The proof of ownership, visa (design permit), project documentation, and preliminary contracts from the companies are together sufficient for the issuance of a building permit for the site. Architectural Studio "ISP Digital Design" LTD prepares additional projects for the client (investor):

Additional projects
  1. Specifications for the woodwork (doors and windows);
  2. Pricing and Gross Building Area (GBA) calculations;
  3. Site Planning and Landscaping, site lighting, irrigation systems;
  4. Fence projects;
  5. Pool projects;
  6. Security systems, access control systems, CCTV;
  7. Street installation projects (W&S, Electro, etc.) - to be agreed with the utility companies.

Designers' supervision

Supervision in all specialties ensures proper and accurate implementation of the project. It ensures that architectural, engineering, technological and construction rules and norms are followed and contributes to the smooth introduction of the facility into operation. The continuous supervision of construction aims to fulfill the maximum realization of a project idea as well as to allow the undertaking of the most correct decisions in the event of changes in the project during construction or the occurrence of unforeseen events and technical difficulties. Architectural Studio "ISP Digital Design" LTD offers this service in all project areas.

Remodeling and Reconstruction Projects

Our architectural studio prepares all areas of projects in relation to extensions, upgrades and remodeling of existing buildings and premises. These projects are necessary to allow you to get permission to implement the desired changes. [more]

Restoration of Project Documentation

If for some reason the building documentation is lost or destroyed, architectural studio "ISP Digital Design" LTD can prepare as-built floor plans to replace the originals. As-built plans are approved by the authority capable of approving the investment project for construction after the submittal of the building permit or other previously-issued construction-related documents.To receive a project approval, the following documents must be provided: proof of ownership, a visa (design permit), three copies of the as-built plans, and a conformity assessment for first-category and second-category objects.

Solar Study of the Project

Upon request of the customer a solar analysis of the designed building can be made. During the design phase we will show you an animation of sunlit areas and shading depending on the location, orientation and the architectural features of the building. The assessment is prepared for three dates - June 22, when the day is the longest (the summer solstice), December 22, when the day is the shortest (the winter solstice), and around September 22 (or March 21st), the equinox. Based on the information for these three days we can determine which areas of the premises will always remain in the shade and for which areas sun protection measures should be provided.

Preparation of Stereoscopic Pictures (Anaglyphs)

To achieve an even better three-dimensional perception of our team-designed buildings, our architectural studio prepares anaglyphs of the project. A more-realistic 3D image of the designed building can be achieved with the help of anaglyphs and stereoscopic glasses (usually red-cyan).

3D Visualizations and Marketing Materials

Every architectural project drawn up by the architectural studio "ISP Digital Design" LTD also features 3D visualizations. Their goal is to present to the client the architect's ideas in the most detailed manner possible as well as to develop an architectural vision of the site. These visualizations are also used for advertising purposes with any potential sale of parts of the project (apartments, shops, offices) or with the sale of the entire developed project (for houses, hotels, etc.). At the client's request, promotional materials can be prepared for every individual part of the building or for the building as a whole. These materials consist of colored floor plans with all the necessary information needed by the real estate agents to close a deal. Additionally, catalogs, leaflets, and flyers are prepared for printing. Promotional materials can be prepared in Bulgarian and/or English.