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"ISP Digital Design" LTD

For us architecture is not just a profession, but a vocation. Our professionalism, diligence, timely delivery, and responsibility to the task are only some of the reasons to select us as a partner in realizing the architectural idea.

Our understanding of contemporary architecture is influenced by the development of modern technologies and the introduction of digital design in everyday design work. Our work draws inspiration from "hi-tech" architecture of the West and the Far East, adapted to the architectural traditions of Bulgaria. In each of our buildings we strive to combine a memorable architectural appearance with clear functionality and aesthetics.
ISP Digital Design LTD carries out all activities related to the preparation of project documentation for investment projects, including: architecture, constructions, electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation, geodesy, geology, health and safety, landscape projects, and technology projects. A full list of our services can be found on our services page.
Architectural Studio
ISP Digital Design OOD was founded in 2003 by two architects with full architectural credentials and members of CAB, architects Ilian Petkov and Svetozar Petkov. Our consultant is Petko Petkov, who has many years of experience in contemporary architectural design. You can find additional information about our team on our About Us page.

European programs

investment projects up to building permit

Architectural Studio "ISP Digital Design" LTD has experience with the preparation of investment projects that meet the specific requirements of certain euro-programs. It is essential to prepare an investment project which provides complete information on the performed construction activities as well as complies with all requirements of the program and of the consulting firm [more]

Remodeling and reconstruction

extension projects, upgrades and changes of the facade

If you have an existing building that no longer meets your requirements for functionality and modern architectural appearance of the facade, we can help. Architectural Studio "ISP Digital Design" LTD provides an assessment of the existing conditions and the structural safety of the building, and prepares extension and upgrade projects aligned with your wishes. [more]